Here we go ! Harts Aviation is a God sent! I started to fly 30 years ago but I wasn’t able to compete the course. A few months ago I met Curtis and he took me on an introductory flight, I was Hooked again. Curt was able to get me going again and help me conquer my fears. Look at me I’m flying, with Hart’s training you can do it! Thanks Curt

Tom Cartwright

Langley B.C.

If you are looking to learn how to fly an advanced ultralight aircraft with all the instrumentation of a cessna but with better views, faster take off and landing and an experienced instructor, I recommend Hart’s Aviation BC.

Ertha Nanton

Learning to fly a FoxBat thru Hart’s Aviation B.C. has been fantastic! I highly recommend this flight school to anyone who is thinking of learning to fly. Curt is a great instructor who is knowledgeable, patient and kind. Thanks to Hart’s Aviation for teaching me how to fly a plane.
Nelia Correia

Maple Ridge B.C.

Hart’s Aviation B.C. made my lifelong dream of becoming a licenced pilot a reality. The A22 FoxBat is an amazing plane to fly and great to learn on. I thought ultralight aircraft were not safe and becoming a pilot was out of reach financially, I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is no longer true! Go talk to Curt and check out what ultralights have become today.
Winston Giles

Chilliwack, B.C.

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For  $2,800

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